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Bicycle Cardistry 5th Anniversary with Metallic Gold Printed Box

Bicycle Cardistry 5th Anniversary with Metallic Gold Printed Box

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Printed in 2020 by the USPC - Print Run 1000 -   Limited Edition

Get ready for the ultimate BICYCLE® Cardistry 5th Anniversary Collector's Deck - a true gem "with PREMIUM METALLIC GOLD INK." This is not just a deck; it's a MUST-HAVE RARE LIMITED EDITION for your card collection! Immerse yourself in the allure of Premium Gold Ink, meticulously featured on the cards and complemented by a stunning Metallic gold ink printed box.

This 5th-year commemorative deck is a one-time masterpiece and will never see a reprint! Crafted by De'vo, the co-creator of the art form of pure card manipulation, these cards are the world's first designed specifically for modern card manipulation. Versatility is key - use them for poker, magic, or any other card-related pursuit, as they are printed on the finest stock and finishes globally.

Step into the realm of exclusivity with the EXCLUSIVE COLLECTOR'S Bicycle® Cardistry GOLD 5th Anniversary deck. Limited in quantity, this deck showcases De'vo's signature twin tip mirror back design, enabling you to create different fans based on your style. The black face borders enhance every cut and move, while the gold corner accents create mesmerizing patterns in reverse fans.

De'vo's ingenious twin tip mirror back concept offers four different fan variations - a true spectacle! Check out the images below, featuring 2 different cover cards that add to the allure of this exceptional deck.

Recognized on prominent television shows such as Stan Lee's Superhumans and Dude Perfect with Rick Smith Jr. (with over 200+ MILLION VIEWS), De'vo's decks are sought after by professionals and enthusiasts alike. These cards have graced the hands of magicians, card lovers, and celebrities worldwide, making them some of the most coveted cards globally.

Perfect for card collectors, poker/game players, magicians, and manipulators who desire a beautiful and BOLD deck of playing cards. Don't miss out! If you have even a remote interest in playing cards, you NEED this deck in your collection before they disappear forever!

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