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Grandmasters BlackWidow with Foil Box and Numbered Seal

Grandmasters BlackWidow with Foil Box and Numbered Seal

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Printed in 2021 by the USPC - Print Run 1000 -  Black foil with numbered red foil seal

Introducing the MASTER SERIES: "Grandmasters by De'vo - Black Widow Spider Edition" - A Limited Edition Marvel!

🕷️ Discover the Alluring Black Widow Spider Edition of De'vo's Grandmasters Deck!

The "Grandmasters by De'vo - Black Widow Spider Edition" is a mesmerizing black version of the renowned Grandmasters deck, featuring the unique "Princess Court Cards" for an added touch of royalty and flair.

🔥 Key Features:

  1. All Black Face Cards: Immerse yourself in elegance with all-black face cards, creating a striking visual impact for an unforgettable card-playing experience.

  2. Stunning Back Design: The drop-dead gorgeous back design not only catches the eye but also creates stunning fans, adding a touch of sophistication to your cardistry.

  3. Custom Pips and Court Cards: Enjoy custom-designed pips and court cards, showcasing the artistry and attention to detail that De'vo is renowned for.

  4. Black Widow Spiders: The Spade court cards feature captivating Black Widow Spiders, enhancing the dark and mysterious theme of this special edition.

  5. Soft Touche Embossed Black Foil: Experience the luxury of a "Soft Touche" embossed black foil on black stock with holographic red foil interior, elevating the tactile and visual appeal.

  6. Princess Court Cards: Retaining the 4 additional "Princess" court cards, this edition offers flexibility for use, allowing you to replace jacks or explore various creative possibilities.

  7. Limited Edition: This deck is part of De'vo's LIMITED EDITION Master Series, ensuring exclusivity and collectibility. Only 1000 were made with a special box and a numbered seal, making each deck a unique piece of art.

  8. Printed in 2021: Manufactured by the United States Playing Card Company in 2021, guaranteeing the highest quality and craftsmanship.

🎴 Act Fast - Limited Stock Available: We only have a few of these extraordinary Black Widow Spider Edition decks left in stock. DO NOT miss your chance to own a piece of cardistry history and add this masterpiece to your collection!

Immerse yourself in the dark elegance of the "Grandmasters by De'vo - Black Widow Spider Edition" - where artistry meets functionality in this stunning limited edition deck.

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