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Blades Blood Moon with Foil Box

Blades Blood Moon with Foil Box

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Printed in 2019 by the USPC - Print Run 1300 

Introducing the extraordinary Limited Edition Blades Blood Moon, now elevated with a stunning dual foil box and adorned with premium red metallic ink! De'vo's legendary Blades series takes a leap into excellence with the Master Series - "Blades Blood Moon."

This deck boasts beautiful, luxurious RED METALLIC INK on both the faces and backs, marking a first in the impressive Blades lineup. Recognized as part of the Master Series which has graced television screens and been wielded by renowned card experts and magicians worldwide.

De'vo has surpassed expectations with this all-black deck version, featuring exquisite red metallic ink and a captivating dual foil box. Printed by the USPC, this deck showcases intricate artwork, world-class stock, and finishes, making it perfect for playing cards, magic, XCM (Extreme Card Manipulation), Cardistry, and collecting.

Not just visually striking, this deck includes two impeccably illustrated Jokers (both big and small) and a Blank card, providing magicians with the ability to make the entire deck appear blank at will. Adding to its exclusivity, the Limited Box introduces a groundbreaking feature – the first-ever placement of foil on the INSIDE of any Blades box, making it an unparalleled collectible in the De'vo card line.

Act swiftly, as this deck witnessed a record-breaking sell-out in no time. Collectors, enthusiasts, and magicians alike cannot afford to miss this extraordinary piece of Playing Card history!

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