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Blades WTF Spelling Deck with Printed Box

Blades WTF Spelling Deck with Printed Box

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Printed in 2021 by the USPC - Print Run 1500 -  Limited Edition

Prepare to have your mind thoroughly blown by De'vo's WTF decks – the epitome of mind-bending cardistry! De'vo's genius design transcends ordinary decks, making this single deck appear as a multitude of different decks while clandestinely spelling out any word or sentence with concealed letters!

In the Blades/WTF "REMIX" Edition, we've fused the most badass back design on the planet with the iconic De'vo's WTF Blades face cards. Utilizing the same world-class stock and finishes as De'vo's Blades Series, the result is nothing short of extraordinary – the WTF Blades deck. This one-of-a-kind creation is guaranteed to leave a trail of destruction, impressing everyone fortunate enough to witness it!

Card collectors, magicians, Cardists, XCMers, and any card lover must make space in their collection for these unparalleled decks. No other deck in the world can match the sheer versatility and awe-inspiring capabilities of this deck! As an added bonus, discover four extra cards that open the door to a realm of magic tricks and various creative uses.

Take a glance at the fan images below, and remember – what you're witnessing is just 1 deck of cards! What will you do with this insane deck? The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination!

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