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Chrome Kings Carbon with Foil Box

Chrome Kings Carbon with Foil Box

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Printed in 2020 by the USPC - Print Run 1300 -    Limited Edition - Master Series

CHROME KINGS - The most VIRAL Custom Playing Card Deck of modern times has taken luxury to the next level with the MASTER SERIES LIMITED EDITION, featuring a stunning HOLO FOIL BOX! The original and AMAZING Chrome Kings deck, intricately designed in breathtaking detail using digital 3D technology, gained internet stardom, thanks to Dude Perfect and Rick Smith Jr.'s incredible card throwing trick shots video, which has amassed over 180 Million views on YouTube. If you haven't experienced it yet, now is the time!

Chrome Kings, known for its high visibility and crafted with the finest stock and finishes globally, is perfect for card throwing, magic tricks, cardistry, XCM (Extreme Card Manipulation), and poker. The new Master Series "Carbon" version introduces a striking carbon fiber-like pattern on the back design and boasts an incredible holo foil embossed luxury box that must be seen in person to be truly appreciated! The faces feature De'vo's original incredible 3D artwork, a testament to hundreds of hours of dedication.

The Chrome Kings Playing Card Project was a dream of underground playing card legend De'vo vom Schattenreich. Renowned as a world-class card expert, producer, and art director, De'vo has produced over 100 of the world's finest playing cards, some of which sell out within minutes of release. His cards have made appearances on television, including Stan Lee's Super Humans, and are cherished by celebrities, Hollywood superstars, magicians, card players, and card artists globally.

De'vo's artistry is showcased in the 3D modeling of each court card, painstakingly built from scratch, textured, lit, and photographed individually. The result is a deck that captures the essence of a complete 3D environment, printed on playing cards by the USPC with the world's best stocks and finishes, proudly Made in the USA.

The AMAZING Back Designed in 3D - De'vo's groundbreaking art process involved creating the entire mechanical back in digital 3D, assembling it, and then taking digital photos for printing on the back of the cards. These limited-edition cards sold out in record time, solidifying their status as among the most famous playing cards on the internet! Don't miss the chance to own a piece of playing card history with the Chrome Kings Master Series LIMITED EDITION!

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