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Bicycle Cardistry Red Original with Foil Box

Bicycle Cardistry Red Original with Foil Box

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 Printed in 2015 by the USPC - Print Run 3000 -  Limited Edition - First in Series!

Witness the inception of the world's first Bicycle Cardistry deck, a groundbreaking creation by De'vo and Jay Peteranetz in 2015. De'vo, a trailblazer in defining card manipulation as a distinct art form, took the natural step of establishing the Bicycle Cardistry brand, setting a new standard for the craft.

This extraordinary deck showcases De'vo's distinctive twin tip mirror back design, introducing a mesmerizing element where diverse patterns emerge depending on how you fan the cards. The mirror back feature ensures seamless shuffling without disrupting the deck's order, preserving the precision of your cardistry.

Breaking conventions, this deck boasts black border faces, intensifying the impact of your cuts, alongside a borderless back design crafted for flawless and captivating fans. Embrace the allure of innovation!

Adding to its allure, this revolutionary deck includes a color-changing double backer and two blank cards, offering a canvas for an array of Magic and Cardistry tricks. Act swiftly, as this avant-garde deck quickly became a collector's gem, selling out shortly after its initial release – a testament to its unparalleled appeal!

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