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Falcon Playing Cards (Ice Edition) Dual Holographic Foil Box plus Holographic Gilding

Falcon Playing Cards (Ice Edition) Dual Holographic Foil Box plus Holographic Gilding

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Printed in 2022 by the USPC - Print Run 300 -  Limited Edition

Unleash the Ice Falcons - Captivating Cardistry, Magic, and Beyond! As Featured on DUDEPERFECT and FOOL US with Penn and Teller!

🌟 Introducing the Sensational ICE FALCONS - A Viral Marvel in the Falcon Throwing Card Series!

The Falcon Throwing Card Series has taken the card-loving community by storm, and now, brace yourself for the HOTTEST addition - THE AMAZING NEW ICE FALCONS! Crafted for poker, magic, card collecting, XCM, and the thrilling art of card throwing, this deck is poised to redefine your entire card experience.

🔥 Key Features:

  1. Specialized USPC Stock: Engineered exclusively by the United States Playing Card Company, the Falcon series boasts a unique stock, subtly thicker for enhanced durability and a more powerful impact than standard decks.

  2. Exclusive Guinness World Record Collaboration: Experience the magic of a collaboration between TWO Guinness World Record holders - magician Rick Smith Jr. and playing card legend De'vo. A masterpiece crafted for card enthusiasts and collectors alike!

  3. Holographic Gilded Deck: This ICE FALCON edition is a rare gem! Act swiftly, as we have only a couple of these extraordinary decks left!

  4. High Contrast Wing Design: The back design, featuring De'vo's signature twin-tip mirror back concept, ensures an enchanting visual experience. Whether for throwing or fanning, this deck offers a dynamic display from every angle.

  5. Metallic Silver Ink and Icy Pantone Blue: The deck's breathtaking design incorporates metallic silver ink and an icy Pantone blue, making it a fan favorite that stands out in both aesthetics and functionality.

Watch🎥 Original Silver Falcons video on Dude Perfect

🎥 Original Kickstarter Ice Falcon Video: Witness the mesmerizing Ice Falcons in action! This video showcases the deck's exceptional qualities, setting it apart as a must-have for card enthusiasts.

Don't let this exclusive opportunity slip through your fingers. Secure your ICE FALCONS now, and immerse yourself in the world of extraordinary cardistry, magic, and sheer elegance. Limited quantities available, so act swiftly to claim your piece of card-throwing history!

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