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Grandmasters XCM Edition with Printed Box

Grandmasters XCM Edition with Printed Box

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Printed in 2020 by the USPC - Print Run 1100 -  Limited Edition

De'vo's Grandmasters XCM Edition - A Masterpiece of Xtreme Card Manipulation!

🌟 LIMITED EDITION - A Marvel of Cardistry Unleashed!

Prepare to experience the extraordinary with De'vo's Grandmasters XCM Edition, an exquisite and highly limited deck born from the world of Xtreme Card Manipulation (XCM). Crafted over a year, this deck is 100% custom, featuring meticulously designed pips, numbers, and captivating hand-drawn courts. Limited like all of De'vo's decks, this edition is destined to sell out within minutes of release, making it a rare gem for collectors and enthusiasts.

🔥 Key Features:

  1. XCM Mastery Unleashed: Designed specifically for Xtreme Card Manipulation, Grandmasters XCM Edition allows for incredible displays of skill, fancy cuts, and mesmerizing fans. Experience cardistry like never before with a deck that transcends the ordinary.

  2. Special Cards for Magicians/Manipulators: Tailored for magicians and manipulators, this deck comes with 4 special cards, enhancing the possibilities for magical performances and intricate manipulations.

  3. Versatility for Poker, Magic, and More: While perfect for card manipulation, this deck is equally suited for poker games, magical performances, and any activity that involves a deck of playing cards. Its versatility makes it a must-have for enthusiasts across various domains.

  4. Printed by USPC - The Pinnacle of Quality: Crafted by the United States Playing Card Company (USPC), renowned for producing Bicycle Playing Cards, this deck guarantees the finest stocks and finishes in the world.

  5. De'vo's Signature Face Design: Featuring a twin-tip mirror face with color-changing inner circles, De'vo's unique face design adds a touch of mystery and elegance to each card. Isolated corner pips ensure swift pip recognition, while the inner colors change based on whether the card is red or black.

  6. Border Magic for Incredible Fans: The outside borders on the faces are designed for creating mesmerizing fans, adding an extra layer of visual appeal to your cardistry.

🎴 Elevate Your Performances - Limited Edition, Unparalleled! 🎴

For those who seek the pinnacle of cardistry and manipulation, De'vo's Grandmasters XCM Edition is a masterpiece that goes beyond expectations. With its limited availability, this deck is a collector's dream and a testament to the artistry and innovation of De'vo. Secure your piece of cardistry history now!

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