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Lordz Twin Dragons with Holographic Foil Box and Numbered Seal

Lordz Twin Dragons with Holographic Foil Box and Numbered Seal

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Printed in 2023 by the USPC - Print Run 500 -  Holo foil with numbered Holo foil seal

Introducing "Twin Dragons" - Where Mastery Meets Majesty in Playing Cards! Only 500 of these special Holographic boxes versions with Holographic numbered seals were ever made!  Don't miss!

🔥 Ignite Your Collection: "Twin Dragons" by De'vo stands as the pinnacle of the SERIES OF THE YEAR! This limited First Edition is your passport to a mesmerizing experience. Prepare for a deck that redefines elegance. This incredible Holographic box version is a Decks of Legend EXCLUSIVE(will not be sold to outside retail stores). Limited to just 500 copies, each comes with a coveted numbered limited edition seal. Don't miss!

🐉 The Sequel to Greatness: Building upon the triumph of the original Lordz by De'vo decks, "Twin Dragons" emerges as a true testament to sophistication. The new version boasts a clean and refined design layout that enhances gameplay and card readability. From meticulously designed custom pips to unique courts, 2 jokers, and a pristine back design, this deck is a masterpiece of artistry.  Silver metallic ink accents both the faces and backs.

✨ A Symphony of Craftsmanship:: Printed by the prestigious US Playing Card Company (USPC), with boxes masterfully crafted and fullfillment by Gamblers Warehouse , "Twin Dragons" encapsulates intricate artwork by De'vo. Infused with world-class stock and finishes, this deck embodies a blend of design principles for manipulation and extraordinary details. 

🐲 Dynamic Expression: Delve into the unique world of "Twin Dragons" where the backs and faces transform with your every move. Four different fan patterns, each a testament to your skill, showcase the brilliance of this deck.  It's not just a deck; it's an extension of your artistry.

🌟 The Exclusive Aura: Immerse yourself in the grandeur of choice with three alluring box options - the standard printed box with silver ink, a silver foil on blue stock, and the EXCLUSIVE luxurious holographic silver foil on blue stock with a limited edition numbered seal (Limited to 500). Both foil boxes enchant with interior foil accents that must be witnessed firsthand. Elevate your collection with a treasure that stands apart.

🃏 Unveiling the Magic: If you've witnessed De'vo's decks on TV shows like Stan Lee's Superhumans and Dude Perfect with Rick Smith Jr. (garnering an astonishing 200+ MILLION VIEWS), you've tasted the allure of his creations. "Twin Dragons" continues this legacy, elevating your collection, your play, and your art. De'vo included a special color changing "Double Backer" card for magicians to do magic tricks with.

There's only 500 of these incredibly amazing hologarphic foil boxed versions with the holographic numbered seal! Don't miss!

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