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PRO XCM Ghost with Metallic Ink Printed Box

PRO XCM Ghost with Metallic Ink Printed Box

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Printed in 2022 by the USPC - Print Run 1000 -  Limited Edition

De'vo's Ghost PRO XCM Deck - A Rare Gem in Modern Card Manipulation!

👻 Unveiling the Limited Edition Ghost Dominion Deck!

Embark on an extraordinary journey into the realm of card manipulation with De'vo's Ghost PRO XCM Deck, a rare and stunning edition of the legendary Dominion deck that has garnered accolades, including the prestigious "Deck of the Year" award. This ultra-rare version is a must-have for collectors, magicians, and card enthusiasts seeking the pinnacle of elegance and innovation.

🔮 Key Features:

  1. Award-Winning Design: The Dominion deck, part of De'vo's PRO XCM Series, earned acclaim as the world's first deck specifically crafted for modern card manipulation in 2012. It won multiple awards and became a sought-after collector's item. The Ghost edition elevates this iconic deck to new heights of rarity and beauty.

  2. Twin Tip Mirror Back Concept: De'vo's groundbreaking "twin tip" mirror back concept revolutionized card manipulation decks. The Ghost Dominion Deck features this innovation, allowing for two different colored fans depending on how the cards are fanned. Unlike traditional fanning decks, these cards are designed for versatile and normal shuffling.

  3. Manipulation-Centric Design: With artwork by Professor D.W. Pheylx Hopkins, the Ghost PRO XCM Deck is infused with manipulation-centric design principles. Premium metallic silver and red inks enhance the visual appeal, creating a deck that's not just functional but also a work of art.

  4. Rare and Highly Sought After: The Ghost edition presents a rare opportunity to own a piece of cardistry history. This deck is not just a collector's item; it's a statement of prestige and elegance. De'vo's concepts, originally introduced with the Dominion deck, have since become industry standards.

🌌 Elevate Your Collection - Ghost PRO XCM Deck! 🌌

Don't miss this rare opportunity to add De'vo's Ghost PRO XCM Deck to your collection. Whether you're a collector, magician, or card enthusiast, this limited edition deck transcends the ordinary, offering a glimpse into the world of modern card manipulation at its finest. Secure your Ghost Dominion Deck today and become part of an elite group of individuals who appreciate the artistry and innovation behind this extraordinary creation!

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