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Secrets Of The Key Master Gold with Printed Box

Secrets Of The Key Master Gold with Printed Box

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Printed in 2023 by the USPC - Print Run 850 -  Limited Edition

For a decade in the making, behold the LIMITED EDITION marvel that will astound you! Introducing Secrets of the Keymasters, a deck unparalleled in its beauty, intricacy, and innovation. Delve into a world of unparalleled detail and ingenuity, crafted to captivate your senses.

This extraordinary deck harbors secrets and functionalities unlike any other in existence. 

At its heart lies a revolutionary marking system, a marvel of simplicity and sophistication. With just a glance at the back, discern the card's number and suit effortlessly. Designed with a mirrored single point system, its brilliance lies in its clarity and versatility. What's more, it's marked in two places, ensuring visibility from any orientation.

But the wonders don't end there. There are two card reveals on the printed box and the secret location of the Key Master.

This deck is a must-have for collectors, poker aficionados, manipulators, magicians, and anyone enchanted by the world of playing cards. Don't miss your chance to own the inaugural release in this groundbreaking series—a true milestone in playing card history!

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